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What is VidIQ?

VidIQ is an enterprise grade software that you can freely use for basic features & pro features for a nominal price. Today, you will be learning about this awesome tool that people started using recently, and I believe every Youtube publisher should use it. Vidiq chrome extension and Vidiq firefox extension helps you in doing YouTube video seo.

According to vidIQ over 58% of viewers find your videos via YouTube search and related videos. Most youtube channels don’t have a content problem on YouTube, creating videos has become so easy for YouTube and so has the competition. The most common problem is not getting enough views and subscribers.

So the immediate question will be how to you get more views and traffic through YouTube search and related videos? Simple, you do SEO (search engine optimisation) for your youtube videos.

How to use VidIQ to grow any Youtube channel?

VidIQ is great for individual channel owners, and even for digital agencies who manage YouTube channel for their client. Most channel creators are aware of basic Youtube video SEO tips like using keyword in the post title, description. But there is much more than that can be done to give insight into their YouTube channel.

Let’s first talk about their pro version, that starts with $10/month. Sounds costly to start with, but after learning features it provides, you will feel that $10 is a drop in bucket for the return of investment. You can always start with free version and go paid later.

To start with VidIQ is a video analytics, seo and marketing tool for YouTube. VidIQ does a full analysis on your YouTube account and gives you detail insight that helps you in making actionable decision. It adds on top of it’s SEO feature and gives you detailed analytics on how exactly your users are getting engaged with the video,

It all starts with connecting your Youtube channel with VidIQ and importing your video’s . In VidIQ’s dashboard you can see full details of your video’s and can sort any column based on views, shares, likes & other parameters. It allows you to bulk edit details of video’s saving you alot of time, and specially helps you when you are optimising your video’s for SEO.

VidIQ offers tag suggestions and adding popular tags help’s you get instant results and dramatic increment in views. It has auto-suggests tags for you as soon as you start typing tags for your video optimisation.

All you need to do to find most popular tags for your video is, just search the highest viewed similar video and it will reveal tags it is running on. You just need to copy those tags in your video.

Description campaign feature

This one feature itself has so much potential that makes the tool worth it. You can add a few lines of text with  alink on all of your video and run a campaign. This is where bulk description editing feature of VidIQ outsigns everything. Even better once you decide to end the campaign, VidIQ will remove all the links automatically from your videos, saving you the effort of manual editing. So you can run your campaigns without hassle and manual work.

This is one of the unique tool that I found for Youtube publishers l. I have also reviewed TubeBuddy, if you are interested in checking what it has to offer.


I recommend this product for any YouTube channel publisher. You always have the choice to start with Free version and gradually scale up to paid version.

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